I like Ari Herstand (@ariherstand). He goes out of his way to advocate for independent artist with deep research, a quest for facts, and real talk. Then he distills down some often complex concepts into a few paragraphs of useful, actionable information.

And he’s done it once again! His new article on aristake.com entitled, Songwriters! Registering with ASCAP or BMI is Not Enough to Get Paid breaks down the often elusive and misconception-riddled world of royalties specifically for songwriters in the U.S.

Take a few minutes to read Ari’s article. If you want to be a career musician, you have to make money…and this article identifies some of the potential income streams you can’t ignore. Think this stuff takes care of itself? Nope! Gotta learn it, or you’ll be scratchin’ your head, clueless as to why music didn’t work for you.

Go to Ari’s article on songwriter royalties.