According to a good article from Jørn Haanæs over at Sonicbids, playlists are how fans are discovering most of their new music these days. In fact, Spotify users find, on average, 26 new artists a month through the platform.

What does this mean?

Well, if you’d like people to hear your music,  YOU NEED TO BE ON PLAYLISTS. It’s just as important as being on the radio used to be.

Playlist curators are very similar to the radio DJs of yore (really it was the station programmers, but who cares now), in that they choose which music is heard by a multitude of attentive fans. In fact, playlists are superior. Here’s why:

  • The genres are highly-targeted, which increase the chances fans will like what’s played;
  • The “rotation” is much greater than twelve songs deep;
  • No commercials!!!
  • Fans will hear your song whenever they get to it on demand (won’t miss your song during it’s air slot)
  • On the whole, curators are more accessible then DJs. BINGO.

Continue to Jørn’s artcle to learn about the five steps to playlist inclusion.