In any business endeavor, you’ll inevitably, eventually encounter unscrupulous people. People who put their needs/wants above fairness and ethics. Few things can strike more fear in your heart than someone who may maliciously wish to take from you and what you’ve built. And unfortunately, this type of bottom-feeder seems to be disproportionately attracted to the music business.

As musicians, we’re constantly vigilant about “getting screwed”. Our heads and hearts are in art, and we’re not business experts. As such, the concept of protecting ourselves from vultures is often vague and non-actionable.

For most musicians, it comes down to this: we know we need a music attorney, but a) we don’t know which one to trust, and b) it’s unlikely we can afford one.

If you’re in this scenario, what can you do?

Attorney Erin M. Jacobson just posted to the Sonicbids blog to address this. Her short article discusses three important sources of help for indie artists who cannot currently afford full legal representation.

If this is you, check out her article now. Ten minutes reviewing her helpful info could prevent years of stress paying for the mistake of an unprotected career.