Of the 300+ albums ArtiSans Label has worked on since 2008, I’ve been directly involved in the majority of disc orders. Needless to say, that’s sufficient opportunity to encounter every single curve ball a disc manufacturer can throw at you.

Problems pop up that you’d never imagine. For example, one factory’s roof started to cave in. Another time, the discs wouldn’t play in Apple computers because the manufacturer kept the laser cutter in use past its shelf life. Or even the time the manufacturer used the wrong bar code, and CDs came up as a little pink dress on Amazon.com.

Each time, we represented the artists and resolved the issue on their behalf…and learned what warning signs to look for next time. We’ve seen it all…and that’s of value. If you opt to hire ArtiSans Label to manage your order, you’ve bought yourself some peace of mind.

Sometimes, however, artists have to take on the risks themselves due to budget restrictions. We understand! And we can still help by identifying the good guys from the bad guys.

At the top of the list of good guys is Mixonic, Inc. in San Francisco. Out of all the important factors we look at when rating manufacturers, this trait makes them stand out above all others:

They care.

They care about having the best quality, taking pride in the product. They care about finding ways to lower prices when other companies raise theirs. They care about your deadline. And they care about making you happy.

This doesn’t mean that they’re perfect. Mixonic makes mistakes just like all the other manufacturers. But when they do, their passion to fix it for you is far stronger than we’ve experienced with any other company.

As a big bonus, Mixonic’s disc pricing is lower than Disc Makers for the vast majority of packaging configurations (no one beats Disc Makers’ pricing on Digipaks). But we recommend Mixonic even for these, as sooner or later, you’ll find yourself wishing for Mixonic’s superior customer service otherwise.

It’s important to note that, no matter which manufacturer you choose, there are two things you should always do to greatly mitigate risk of mistakes:

  • Ensure you follow the guidelines for audio and art submissions for that specific vendor.
  • Allow more time than you think you’ll need…especially if your graphic designer doesn’t have prior experience with CD orders.

The first reduces the occurrence of problems; the second ensures enough time to fix mistakes before you need discs in hand.

Nothing’s worse than not having CDs at your CD Release Show. Choosing Mixonic is your best bet.

Below is our official evaluation of Mixonic.

Thinking of hiring ArtiSans Label? Leveraging our experience and relationships with manufacturers on your behalf ensures you’ll have the discs you expect by the date you need.